Week 7 



So I have been on the rotating 40 mg then 80 mg every other day routine and let me just say that NOW I think I am getting my IB. So much for saying I was pretty much happy with my skin last week. My skin is SO bad right now, and any pimple I get is SUPER painful and a lot of cystic stuff, which is probably just because the MUCH higher mg's is really kicking my skins butt. It's really hard right now though, I don't want anyone to see my face without makeup, nor with makeup at this point. Skin is so uneven that sometimes I feel that the makeup makes it look worse. Skin is starting to really flake around irritated areas, I have been feeling very down the past couple days. My skin bothers me so much that I don't want to go out of the house, see my friends, and have considered stopping things with this guy I am dating because I am so self conscious about it... Hopefully things get better from here... One positive is my 21st birthday is in 4 weeks from today, the 30th. Yes I do plan on drinking a little so I hope it's ok... Anyone have experience with drinking while on it? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this year ends with clear skin... 

I'm super embarrassed of my photos, but hopefully in a couple months I can look back and it will be good to have to look back on my improvement and how worth it this whole journey was, hopefully. 



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