Week 6



OK! Since it took forever to get my pills I am 1 week behind treatment, that's why I am only at week 6...

Sorry guys I really suck at this whole posting every week thing. I think the overall excitement of the treatment has worn off for me at this point and I am just counting down the days until I am off the treatment. I don't have any BAD side effects all at, just counting down until I have clear skin, pretty much haha. Still my only side effect is drier lips, (not bad though, I just always make sure to have Aquaphor handy) I have to moisturize my face day and night, (Started using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil/Serum at night, and can already tell I LOVE it. Still using Cetaphil moisturizer during the day) and I do get the occasional back pain but it isn't unbearable. I feel like this morning I woke up and it was the first morning I thought "Wow my skin is starting to look better", minus the 2 horns on my head haha. But other than the two on my forehead my skin doesn't really have any active spots, just healing read marks. If I didn't have the healing ones on my fore head I could say I am happy with my skin! Hopefully those ones heal soon and it keeps getting better!



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