Day  7



Ok so it's been a week since I started my magic pills, yay! So far this week hasn't been that bad? I haven't really noticed any differences in my acne.. It really isn't worse or better. I still have some leftover cystic stuff and I feel like my cheeks have somewhat gotten better? But when I do get a new zit they seem to hurt worse than usual? But a new zit popping up everyday isn't anything new to me, so not sure if it's the Accutane helping or just my normal skin. I have been applying Aquaphor on my lips religiously to prevent dry lips; I CAN NOT stand my lips being chapped. I also have been applying Cetaphil lotion morning and night along with their gentle cleanser to just keep the extra moisture. Yet again at this point it's just preventative because I haven't felt dry; yet. If anything I feel really oily, but I'm too afraid to not apply the moisturizer. Dry skin and I do not get along, every time I ever used a topical that dried me out I would scrub my face until all the dead skin was off, which wouldn't be the best idea while on this drug. I also still continue to workout for an hour everyday with no joint problems (that was a huge concern of mine!)  Well, anyway,  posted below is some updated pics of my skin. Let's hope that it keeps up with the symptoms I have now, practically none!


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