Day 14



Well week 2 down, like 18 more to go... if you say it like that it's quite depressing haha anyway... So far on Accutane my journey hasn't been that bad. Yes I still do have acne BUT I feel like its minimized since I first started my treatment. If anything it's my own fault that my acne looks worse because I CAN NOT stand white heads so I pop them and make them look more red, don't worry I soak them and such before doing so. (Still I know, not a good thing.) I have noticed the same amount of dryness on my lips, nothing bad like peeling just tight so I am sure to always have the Aquaphor handy. I have noticed some drying of my face, again not serious just feel like if I were to wash my face with a real stripping cleanser, but lather on some Cetaphil cream/lotion day and night and it feels fine. Have started to notice a 'Tane overall face redness, and sometimes my face gets super itchy?? Plus from time to time I do have back pain, but that could be from my workouts too? Nothing too bad yet, I hope it stays this way! Attached I have recent pictures from this morning, some of the read spots are just healing, I don't have too many actual active ones right now. I also am going to attach a pic of a horoscope I got the other day that made me think of my 'Tane journey, and asked by one of the memebers I attached pictures of all my tattoos.

Enjoy! :)                                                                                                     


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