Week 7 



So I have been on the rotating 40 mg then 80 mg every other day routine and let me just say that NOW I think I am getting my IB. So much for saying I was pretty much happy with my skin last week. My skin is SO bad right now, and any pimple I get is SUPER painful and a lot of cystic stuff, which is probably just because the MUCH higher mg's is really kicking my skins butt. It's really hard right now though, I don't want anyone to see my face without makeup, nor with makeup at this point. Skin is so uneven that sometimes I feel that the makeup makes it look worse. Skin is starting to really flake around irritated areas, I have been feeling very down the past couple days. My skin bothers me so much that I don't want to go out of the house, see my friends, and have considered stopping things with this guy I am dating because I am so self conscious about it... Hopefully things get better from here... One positive is my 21st birthday is in 4 weeks from today, the 30th. Yes I do plan on drinking a little so I hope it's ok... Anyone have experience with drinking while on it? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this year ends with clear skin... 

I'm super embarrassed of my photos, but hopefully in a couple months I can look back and it will be good to have to look back on my improvement and how worth it this whole journey was, hopefully. 


Week 6



OK! Since it took forever to get my pills I am 1 week behind treatment, that's why I am only at week 6...

Sorry guys I really suck at this whole posting every week thing. I think the overall excitement of the treatment has worn off for me at this point and I am just counting down the days until I am off the treatment. I don't have any BAD side effects all at, just counting down until I have clear skin, pretty much haha. Still my only side effect is drier lips, (not bad though, I just always make sure to have Aquaphor handy) I have to moisturize my face day and night, (Started using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil/Serum at night, and can already tell I LOVE it. Still using Cetaphil moisturizer during the day) and I do get the occasional back pain but it isn't unbearable. I feel like this morning I woke up and it was the first morning I thought "Wow my skin is starting to look better", minus the 2 horns on my head haha. But other than the two on my forehead my skin doesn't really have any active spots, just healing read marks. If I didn't have the healing ones on my fore head I could say I am happy with my skin! Hopefully those ones heal soon and it keeps getting better!


Day 31



Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Been so busy with Thanksgiving and what not. All I am going to say is how frustrated with my doctor I am...I had my first appointment and it took 2 seconds and he said that he bets by our second visit I will see huge improvements in my skin... well they never told me I have to have my RX filled within 7 days of my appointment so now I have to wait until DECEMBER 18th to get my RX filled... I'm so mad. Especially because I feel like I hit my IB and my skin looks so bad and I was so excited to have more clear skin for the holidays, now I am yet another week behind my estimated time to stop the treatment. Overall my symptoms really aren't bad and nothing else really to update besides the new pics... Keep in touch everyone! 

Day 14



Well week 2 down, like 18 more to go... if you say it like that it's quite depressing haha anyway... So far on Accutane my journey hasn't been that bad. Yes I still do have acne BUT I feel like its minimized since I first started my treatment. If anything it's my own fault that my acne looks worse because I CAN NOT stand white heads so I pop them and make them look more red, don't worry I soak them and such before doing so. (Still I know, not a good thing.) I have noticed the same amount of dryness on my lips, nothing bad like peeling just tight so I am sure to always have the Aquaphor handy. I have noticed some drying of my face, again not serious just feel like if I were to wash my face with a real stripping cleanser, but lather on some Cetaphil cream/lotion day and night and it feels fine. Have started to notice a 'Tane overall face redness, and sometimes my face gets super itchy?? Plus from time to time I do have back pain, but that could be from my workouts too? Nothing too bad yet, I hope it stays this way! Attached I have recent pictures from this morning, some of the read spots are just healing, I don't have too many actual active ones right now. I also am going to attach a pic of a horoscope I got the other day that made me think of my 'Tane journey, and asked by one of the acne.org memebers I attached pictures of all my tattoos.

Enjoy! :)                                                                                                     

Day  7



Ok so it's been a week since I started my magic pills, yay! So far this week hasn't been that bad? I haven't really noticed any differences in my acne.. It really isn't worse or better. I still have some leftover cystic stuff and I feel like my cheeks have somewhat gotten better? But when I do get a new zit they seem to hurt worse than usual? But a new zit popping up everyday isn't anything new to me, so not sure if it's the Accutane helping or just my normal skin. I have been applying Aquaphor on my lips religiously to prevent dry lips; I CAN NOT stand my lips being chapped. I also have been applying Cetaphil lotion morning and night along with their gentle cleanser to just keep the extra moisture. Yet again at this point it's just preventative because I haven't felt dry; yet. If anything I feel really oily, but I'm too afraid to not apply the moisturizer. Dry skin and I do not get along, every time I ever used a topical that dried me out I would scrub my face until all the dead skin was off, which wouldn't be the best idea while on this drug. I also still continue to workout for an hour everyday with no joint problems (that was a huge concern of mine!)  Well, anyway,  posted below is some updated pics of my skin. Let's hope that it keeps up with the symptoms I have now, practically none!

Day 1




First Pill Down, Many to Go!

Ok, so today is the first day so obviously I won't have any symptoms because I just took the pill, but I just wanted to post a before/current state of my skin. Also a current photo (same day) of what I look like with makeup on and done up so you guys don't think I'm a total troll, haha. I hope this journey is a fast one and the clear skin comes quickly!

    The Journey Begins..